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while everyone was outside there was a bomb scare. so they had to evacuate the court house and now, this is happening we're supposed to be getting a news conference because of that bomb scare they had cancel that one that was supposed to take place here shortly. now, there is progress in the investigation. as you said, abc has learned that there is an image of a man dropping off a bag that police are look looking into, trying to figure out who that man is had and that man could be who is responsible. the investigation continues people here of boston continue to rally around each other and try to stay strong, and move forward. we are boston strong. this message from boft ron to the world as residents try to move forward after the bombing. >> this is a city that we'll
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get through this. >> they'll want to show their reports for the city. they decided to buy flowers. >> woe twont a florist down the street. she gave it to us, tree. >> melissa and sarah attend boston architectural college. the school is just a block from where the bombs went off. >> it's bone chilling and disturbing to know we walk there all the time. you just are fine. and next thing, you have two explosions going on. in boston of all places? it's tough think we have to have this on our mind. >> still, everything can be shifted again. and not just go back to normal because you can't do that. but move on and just be strong. >> that is what they're doing. the school had a meeting led by the rez.
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>> he says is this too soon to have this? sth how we do this. we raise up to see what we can do. >> and of course, everyone is hoping for an arrest to come quickly in this case. when people had heard a suspect had been arrested they were so relieve sod disappointment when they found out that that was not true. we don't know if we'll hear anything else from police or fbi tonight because that news conference has been cancelled but hopefully, tomorrow morning and we'll be here live in boston. >> we're going show you a battery found in the carnage. it's believed to have been used in at least one of the two devices and made as it turns out by a company. abc 7 news is live with that part of the investigation tonight. sergio? >> well, if you have brought a
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remote control car toy or truck, the battery inside is likely manufactured by tenergy corporation, employees say their hearts dropped when realize that had one of the batteries made mai have been used in the boston bombings. when employees saw the pictures on news web sites this morning they quickly decided to call investigators. >> offer assistance that we can provide. any information that might be helpful so. we contacted both the boston police department and fbi. >> these photos of at that timered pieces of the components expected of being used this week. the battery in the picture is manufactured by tenergy usually sold in packages of so 10 coming inside remote control toys. >> there is nothing unique to this form factor these batteries designed to fit into
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compact toys and aren't sold in supermarkets they're purchased online or through special shop autos this is not a sell that is particularly well known sort of outside of the circles would have to be someone with expo sthour hobbyist area. >> workers here say they're shock that had their product could have been used in ab attack. >> this is for toys to bring people enjoyment. the fact they're used in horrific ways, apalling. >> the vice president benjiman mull says he called authorities and has yet to get a phone call back. >> we have a brand of battery. a brand of pressure cooker there is finger brand pressure
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cooker pots are available. the fbi says two pressure cookers hidden and stashed near the finish line. now, of the bombs work when explosive powder works inside of the pott. p created a huge blast. a person close to the investigation told associated press one was filled with shards of metal and ball bearings and the other, nails. one expert has seen this kind of bomb before. >> what is this bomber trying to do with this type of bomb to make a point? he didn't have to add. >> they're so common they spotted roadside bombs and
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told marines to be on the lookout for pots. >> we learned a name of the third person killed in the last. lu lingzy from china she and two others who lost their lives are being remembered during a vigil in boston. 75 victims continue to recover in six hospitals, some with serious injuries. doctors credit quick response for helping safe lives. >> among those in the hospital is alisa martinez recovering from another round of surgery. the community is ral yesing to help aaron her, in boston to watch his mother. support is growing in his hometown. several are holding fund-raisers. the owner says he plays football where his dad is a
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coach. >> i think his predecessor was influential in my life. and it hit close to home when i heard who it was. >> mountain mike's pizza donating 30% of the sales to help the family. by sharing this badge on facebook pages. the badge is available on abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news anchor and reporter will have a live report on abc 7 news at 6:00 and have a slide show for you of the most-touching images on our web site. >> investigators have arrested a mississippi man for sending president ob yaum and that appear to contain the deadly poison, ricin. officials say the man signed both letters the same way. we're going to have more with
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a look at how officials are monitoring letters in sacramento. that is coming up. the senate defeesed an amendment, a vote ampk yord somewhat in the senate gatry -- gallery. listen. >> moments later the president flanked by former can gres woman gabby giffords had this to say. >> minutes ago 90% of the democrats in the senate voted for that idea it's not going to happen. because 90% of the republicans just goat voeted against that amendment. >> it failed by six votes. >> tonight los gatos union high school district officials say they are no grounds to expell three boys accused of sexual assaulting a school mate who later committed
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suicide. the district has been under criticism for the reaction before and after the 15-year-old hanged herself. the district points out the suspected assault took place in a party and was in the related to school. >> in oakland tonight investigators continue to piece together what led to the murder of a paramedic. five young teenager as rested yesterday on the day quinn boyer was buried. details are new at 5:00 for you. people are stunned by the ages of the suspects. >> that is the topic. everywhere we went, everyone just taken aback by the ages of the boys accused of murdering quinn boyer. >> these are things we're trying to interrupt cycles of violence and poverty.
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>> they are on a mission to trance form one of the toughest neighborhoods. >> here in east oakland young people are at risk of violence in the streets every day. >> impact of the violence hit the men like a fist. howard jordan announced the oldest was 16, that had had been arrested in the killing of the 34-year-old paramedic. the people they work to what's young men can become. >> as leaders atmirror is best used when making a connection early on. >> if we're not going to work to address the system, then our work only going to be able to go so far. >> boyer shot after leaving his parents home. police believe after he was hit he lost control of the car and his honda crashed into the
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ravine. police have not said why he was targeted telling me that the crime may have been random. found next day near horace man elementary school. a police officer help identify teens through surveillance video is. >> i am concerned bit fablgt the persons responsible for this man's murder range from age 14 to 16 years old. >> they were youngsters, children. >> five teenagers who were friends targeting a stranger. >> when it's random, koit have been one of us or a loved one. >> the district attorney has expected to charge them tomorrow and release their names.
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>> a man police say acted as a vigilante pleaded guilty to felony manslaughter. the 23-year-old will be sentenced to four years in jail. last new year's eve hernandez armed himself in order to detain himself. he shot the man and police say no matter what the reason of acts are not justified. >> listen to this. just ahead here at 5:00 government issued checks to homeowners are bouncing. taking a look at what is going on. >> how lawmakers are protected from threats such as the ricin attack in washington, d.c.. >> summer preview is coming. i'll show when you 90s may be showing up here in the bay area. >> and something women know.
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proof that men don't really understand the opposite sex. stay with us. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues in one minute.
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we have an update now on breaking news we brought you early on the newscast. a man could be under arrest for sending letters laced with ricin to president obama and senator. the president was sent to the president was intercepted yesterday. the secret service says the man, kenneth curtis sent both letters. officials say signed with
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initials kc. nannette miranda has been looking at the security officers screen mail sent to our capitol and reports now from sacramento. >> this is where letters are sorted out by staff. >> at california state capitol they use these security procedures for mail coming into the governor's, state lawmakers and other leaders as feds do. tony beard says it's screened first for things like ricin and anthrax before mail ever gets to the capitol rail mail room. >> just technology but also a combination of skills we teach people. there are fbi protocols to follow. >> the procedures work with washington, d.c.. they were discovered in the off site location. the screening doesn't work that. is where training can provide
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protection. >> there is a fine line between threatening and having a right to disagree. >> nothing chemical has been detected in mail sent to late leaders. >> state senator has been targeted several times. reese yeently by an engineer who police say sent death threats to the san francisco democrat. investigators found materials in this suspect's garage he is aware his next hate mail could contain ricin. >> providing security in this capitol. so it's on your mind and it's separated by assuming that the appropriate authorities are going to protect you and it's taken heart. >> yee says in sacramento, abc
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7 news. >> a san francisco land snark a new location on the water front. new exploratorium opened after moving from long time location at the palace of fine arts. this museum has been offering fun to generations of visitor autos it's bigger there are new things that is cool. and that is like the last one. >> it's cool. the new exploratorium is across the street on the embark dareo we can show you a live look. you can see there it is. how beautiful new building is. and opening ceremonies, great stuff. >> you're there. >> that is really fantastic. we're proud to be the tv partner. >> i can't wait to see a special on that, too. >> just ahead millions of
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people offering to help the families who were affect bid tragic bombings at the boston marathon. >> however, conartists are already posing as charities and trying to get your money. people are shameless. >> we expect this and so many have done it quickly. it's stunning this time. dmot give your money to a fake charity. bbb say conartists are posing as charities. one hour after the attack someone opened a fake boston marathon twitter attack. twitter shut at kt down but that is not all. 145 domain names were registered within hours of the bombing. many suspected as fake charities. how can you avoid giving to a conartist? one way to donate to established charities like red cross. you should thoroughly check
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out any unfamiliar organization you can see if it's legitimate by looking at charity or guide millions of homeowners struggling with foreclosures are receiving checks to jelt a lawsuit against major banks, however after struggles get this, the checks are bouncing. 4.4 million homeowners received compensation for abuses of the process by mortgage companies. regulateors reached an agreement and checks starting to go out but now, many say they're banks won't cash them, regulator dz not identify the problem but did say thousand it's been fixed. folks can cash those checks so far, 50,000 homeowners have received payments and ranged from $300 to $125,000 for the abuse of process.
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>> talk about insult to injury. >> it's unbelievable. >> thank you. >> all right. it's been a gorgeous day. good to kick off exploratorium. >> let me show you live doppler 7 hd. we'll see the temperatures increasing a few degrees into the weekend. clear skies across the bay area, as you take a look at the view, golden gate bridge you can see sunny skies, san francisco, 63 degrees. along with oakland half moon bay a cooler spot into mid-50s. temperatures up today compared to yesterday. look at this view. numbers now santa rosea, 73 degrees.
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63 in union city. it's going to be clear, cool overnight tonight. gets hot inland monday. here is a look at what is going to bring us warmer weather this, area of high pressure will continue to get closer to the coast and will see a warm, dry pattern. take a look at the temperatures trend for san jose. tomorrow, 76 degrees you can see temperatures inching up, sunday, by monday close to 90s there. then, numbers start to level off. we have summer like heat coming into monday. this morning we're expecting frosty conditions tomorrow morning not expecting any freezing cold conditions. like concord, 46.
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we'll see upper 40s to low 50s. highs for thursday in the south bay 76 in san jose. santa cruz 75 degrees. 73 in san mateo. coastal areas, skies clear, 62 pacifica. downtown san francisco, up to 68 degrees where you should be at the time of the year. daily city, 63. north bay, you'll see 60 as long the coast. 70s rest of the bay area. towards east mild, sunny for afternoon. 75 oakland, inland communities mid to upper 70s here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. mid-80s inland. you'll see temperatures peeking on monday, 90s inland
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around the bay. mid-60s coast. cooler tuesday, wednesday. >> thank you very much. >> listen to this. do you feel like your husband or boyfriend doesn't understand you? we have research finding they might have a good excuse. >> and you'll save money but there is a down side with those cheap airline tickets yit sites. michael finney back with the bay area man who spent hours
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applicants for children of autism were making lots of noise the number of children children with autism tripled in california. >> and it's for more money for state funding and universal insurance coverage for care.
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>> a california law passed two years ago requires private insurers to cover early intervention therapy. advocates say that will will save nearly $200 million a year in bills. >> new research finds there is a biological reason why some men tend to find it difficult to read womens' emotions. scientists gave a brain scan and took pictures of iz. the men found it twice as hard to guess a woman's mood as a man. when looking at women's eyes they found themselves mystified. scientists says a hospital in germany say this less personal process means men find it harder to identify with women's feelings. we just have to try harder. >> what am i thinking now? >> why many am i working with this man? >> we have to go to a break, right? coming up next a royal gem
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with a history. >> a 34
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6. coming up at 6:00 abc 7 news reporter ama daetz is with fbi agents as they search roof tops for evidence this, year's winners of the golden environmental prize from a teacher protecting skies in tuscan. we'll have those story pz more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. >> a rare gem fetched a pretty penny. >> this pink diamond sold for $32.3 million. >> it was discovered 300 years ago and once belonged to an indian prince. >> yes. 34 carats by the way.
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seller and buyer were anonymous. >> that is what i'm this is "world news." tonight, break in the case. new leads on the bomber at the boston marathon. was the bomber caught on tape by a store surveillance camera? the abc news team standing by with the latest. breaking news in that poison alert. an arrest in the case of the deadly letters laced with ricin sent to the president and a senator. we have details coming up now. voted down. a huge defeat for the big gun bill. tonight, outrage from the families of the victims of gun violence. >> our hearts are broken. our spirit is not. and in their own words, tonight as the people of boston recover, their proud message to the world. >> we're a strong people. and we're not going to let

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